Ben Power
Irish and Border Country Traditional Music and Dance, Ethnomusicology

CDs and DVDs

 Mouse in Mug CD

A recording of Irish traditional music on the Irish wooden flute (and a couple of songs) with James Riley, guitar; Sarah Blair, fiddle; Dan Lowery, F flute; Amelia Brannigan, wooden flute; and Isaac Alderson, uilleann pipes.



Musical Feet DVD

Kieran Jordan: Musical Feet

A Sean-nós Irish Dance Tutorial DVD

A really fine video by my great friend Kieran Jordan, artistic director of Atlantic Steps, who I first danced with in Boston (and play and dance with as often as I can). It builds steps gradually from simple to complex. Easily digestible and excellent for beginners.


or buy directly from Kieran


Dance Sean-Nós DVD

Dance Sean-nós: steps for traditional improvised dance

Maldon Meehan and Ronan Regan

This is another excellent sean-nós dance tutorial video by Maldon Meehan, founder of sean-nós Northwest, who I first danced with and played for when I was in Limerick. It has some really interesting and eventually somewhat complex steps on it. Great stuff.


or buy directly from Maldon


Secrets of the Sole DVD

Secrets of the Sole: Irish Dance Steps and Stories with Kieran Jordan, featuring Kevin Doyle and Aidan Vaughan

A really charming DVD in which Kieran discusses traditional Irish dance with two of her favourite dancers, while showing off the dancing of Kevin, Aidan and Kieran herself.


 or buy directly from Kieran